Starsky & Hutch


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  • 1975–1979
  • USA (English)
  • Creator: William Blinn
  • Starring: David Soul, Paul Michael Glaser, Antonio Fargas
  • 60 min (88 episodes)

Take a first look at police detectives Starsky & Hutch and you'll ask the question: "These are cops?"

You'd better believe it. These are cops!

Despite their casual appearance, their strange collection of "friends," their special brand of humor in life and death situations and their unique interpretation of police procedure, Starsky & Hutch are young, dedicated undercover police officers combating crime and trying to protect innocent citizens from criminal elements on the roughest, toughest beat in town. Starsky & Hutch get the most dangerous detail (homicide, organized crime, et al) because they are very good cops and exceptional individuals.

So, why do they sometimes seem to be having fun? It's like this: Starsky & Hutch have humor, which they use as a safety valve. But they do not denigrate what they do for a living or mock the people with whom they come into contact.

"Starsky & Hutch" is a hard, fast, visual police action show. Dave Starsky (Paul Michael Glaser) and Ken Hutchinson (David Soul) are different without being opposites. Starsky is the more street wise of the two. His personality and attitude reveals that he is a guy who came up the hard way. Hutch is cut from other cloth. He has had more advantages, received a formal education and might have chosen another profession. But, like Starsky, Hutch is a policeman because that is what he wants to be. As a team, Starsky & Hutch sometimes think as one. Because they truly like each other, they communicate with ease. The areas in which they differ are of no concern, but when things are momentarily dull, they talk about them. These conversations provide many of the lighter moments.

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