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Real life stylists go onto the streets of major cities looking for people to give makeovers. Usually they are to be completed in time for outings that particular night.

Aqua Kids

Host Molly McKinney and the Aqua Kids crew show young people how to take an active role in preserving aquatic environments and the animals that live there. [E/I Teens 13-16]


The adventures of a professional lumber salvager and his friends in Gibsons, British Columbia, Canada.
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Reality show that offers a new take on the relationship genre, with the camera following along as former classmates reunite. Those being reunited won't know which of their former friends have gotten back in touch through the show until they meet up on camera.
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Don't Forget the Lyrics

A musical game show that tests contestantsí knowledge of song lyrics from different genres, decades and artists.
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Embassy Chefs

Explore the cultures and cuisines of various countries against the backdrop of their embassy kitchens.

Fishin' Hawg Co.

Featuring Fishin' Hawg Country's Pro-staff doing what they do best, catching Hawgs, from Bass to Crappie and Trout, on rivers and lakes all around the U.S., Canada and Mexico.
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Flea Market Mania

Participate in the discovery of astonishing antiques and learn the stories behind these hidden treasures.
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Future Phenoms

Future Phenoms takes its viewers across the country in search of the brightest young stars in sports.
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Gaither Homecoming Hr.

This weekly series capitalizes on the popularity of the Gaithers, as well as their deep-rooted friendships among Christian performers.
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I Spy

Two U.S. Government Agents confront espionage with skill, courage, humor -- and some serious questions about their methods.

Inspired Ambition

With a new episode weekly, this reality show follows the up-and-coming Christian recording artist, Erica Lane, as she leaves her career to pursue her calling of music.

Judie Byrd's Kitchen

Add spunk to your menu with Judie Byrd's Kitchen. Broadcasting from the heart of Texas, Judie Byrd delivers great recipes for families on the go. Get your family back to the dinner table with these great-tasting, healthy meals that take less time.

Mr. Belvedere

The humorous adventures of an English housekeeper working for an American family.
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Music Row Profiles

One of Country Music's premier entertainment news programs, bringing viewers the latest on their favorite artists, feature stories, interviews and behind-the-scenes coverage.


NYC transplants, Dick and Joanna, run an inn in a rural Vermont town that's home to eccentric people, living their quirky lives.
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Passport to Explore

This travel/education program takes its young audience to various, international locations to experience local culture, history and entertainment.

Real Life

Sharon Caddy & Tanya Prokomenko hit on everything you want in a daily talk show.
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Real Life 101

This show explores exciting careers and introduces you to professionals who love their work. Learn about the roads they took to success.

Remington Steele

A female detective has to partner with a former thief and pretend he's her superior, to get cases.
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Spiritual Outdoors

Jimmy Sites may have a bow, gun, or even blow-gun when he hunts in various places around the globe but he always has his Bible, ready to share the good news with anyone that will listen.
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The Bob Newhart Show

The professional and personal misadventures of a psychologist and his family, patients, friends and colleagues.
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The Lone Wolf

We follow the international exploits of a private investigator who's always ready to help the downtrodden, and asks no compensation.

The Mary Tyler Moore Show

The lives and trials of a young single woman and her friends, both at work and at home.
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The Saint

Simon Templar is half thief and half savior, but always formidable to enemies, loyal to friends, and a favorite of the ladies.
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Your Health with Dr. Richard and Cindy Becker

Dr. Richard and Cindy Becker answer your most pertinent health questions. Your Health is your opportunity to talk one-on-one with experts in the field of alternative medicine
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Zoo Diaries

This show offers an intense look at life behind the scenes at the Toronto Zoo, and follows the day-to-day tensions, passions, triumphs and failures of one of the most unique professions on Earth.